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A customized communication channel

Ensuring and enhancing user experience through personalised chats driving customer engagement.


Awesome Features

Organised Contact Lists

Organised Contact Lists

It keeps your contacts organized. It can organize all your contacts on to a single platform.

It syncs the conversations of a particular contact which traces the history of the conversations ensuring personalized interactions.

Automated Chats

Automated Chats

There are automated responses that answer a set of pre-defined questions.

The customers can receive answers to some frequently asked questions for which they don't have to engage in a conversation.

Automated Updates

Automated Updates

Customers who have subscribed for 'Auto Updates' are updated about latest content, offers, new services or products etc.

These timely updates help users avail them at the right time if required.

Personalised Conversation

Personalised Conversation

Once the prospect initiates a query, the bot assigns the chat conversation to a Chat Agent ensuring a one to one personalised conversation.

It can also be used to collect data and study user behavior.


Why Businesses prefer WhatsApp?

Because, WhatsApp is the most popular chat application that can easily engage customers. It has an instant global reach and is quite easy to interact and communicate with the users at any given time and location.

Communications sent through WhatsApp are secured by end-to-end encryption, that further verifies the connections between the business and the customer.


Quick Connectivity

Connecting with your customers is not just vital for the satisfaction of your clients, but is also important for the success of your brand. Connecting with them instantly will create a delightful experience.

The information can be passed on to your clients, effectively through quick and easy interactions. Once the customer gets online you can engage them in meaningful ways to deliver your value.

Quick Connectivity

Secure Messaging Platform

Secure Messaging platform ensures that the users can share sensitive information with the risk of data theft, security breaches and other compliance issues. It ensures confidentiality and integrity besides secure access to resources.

It ensures the safe transmission, receiving and maintenance of any data sent across the platform.

Secure Messaging Platform

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Pricing Plans

Our pricing plans start as low as $20 USD.

We have suitable pricing plans for smaller businesses who need limited features and basic support; for growing businesses who want the most out of a product; and for large enterprises who need a full-featured product along with robust security features.

For more details about Pricing Plans, contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As the user initiates a query through web chat, after obtaining the user consent, his/her WhatsApp number is collected and then a connection is established. A communication channel is setup with a one to one conversation.
A Chat Agent is allocated before connecting the user across the WhatsApp platform. The Chat Agent takes the conversation forward from that point. If there were any prior interactions, they can be easily retrieved from chat history.
Usually, it will not take more than 5 seconds to establish a connection and begin a conversation with the prospect.
The benefits of using IMHOPPER platform is that, there is more of a personalised conversation instead of just getting answers to a predefined set of questions. It will improve user engagement, eventually driving sales.
WhatsApp is used as the core messaging platform besides Node.js based customised RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

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